Cut to Length Line

SKI Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned press automation company which Cut to Length Line offers a wide variety of cut to length (CTL) line solutions for a wide range of materials. Cut to length are available in different basic versions and configurations.

You can use our cut to length line for processing materials of various types including:

  • Aluminum coils
  • Rolled and cold mild steel coils
  • Rolled and hot mild steel coils
  • Stainless steel coils
  • Copper and brass coils
  • C. R. G. O. /C. R. N. G. O. Coils ( miter cutting lines for transformer industries.)

We offer customized services by designing exclusive cut to length line to meet different requirements of different customers, so that their purpose is fulfilled at its best. Keeping in mind customers belonging to vivid fields like steel processing, rolling mills and those who installed cut to length (CTL) for the purpose of manufacturing their own products.

It is nonetheless to say that precise leveling and unit of length measuring are the inevitable factors which determine the success of a real cut to length line. SKI automation Pvt. Ltd has so much to offer from its wide range of sophisticated levelers. Thus it renders you ample opportunities to make choice from depending upon the material thickness, material type, etc.

Our exclusive cut to length line covers from a simple stopper type instrument to C. N. C. Servo controlled instruments for measuring length. They are extremely user friendly and operable in any kind of environment. We are best known for installing custom solutions for each line requirements. Our cut to length line equipments are not only capable of cutting sheets from huge coil rolls, but also efficient in preparing trimmed, pre-punched, slitted and rolled or folded forms of raw components. We offer many modular units for above mentioned miscellaneous services along with features services in our exclusive cut to length machines. This helps in increasing the desired performance of the operational tasks carried out in your press shops by carrying out several operations in one pass.