Mechanical Gripper Feeder

SKI Gripper Feeder

SKI Gripper Feeders are one shot solution for feeding coils and strips on a pressure ranging from medium to high. Gripper Feeders have round guides with a feature of linear ball bushings. They are highly flexible as they can be mounted on any type of press. It is easy to lubricate with oil by grease nipple. Gripper feeder is transmitted through cardian shaft and bevel gear box from this press. It works with great precision of +/- 0.025mm with mechanical pilot synchronization. SKI Gripper Feeders are extremely user friendly for the matter that they can be adjusted conveniently with ease.

Our Gripper Feeders have a quick opening for easy and pain free strip insertion. By means of knuckled knobs which are located at the upper portion of the feeder we can make necessary adjustments for varying thickness. For speeds till 300 strokes / minute it provides standard transmission which comprises of transmission shaft, gear box and rubber coupling. Stand bracket mounting is another feature added to the spectrum of services we provide in form of Gripper Feeders. It also possesses the feature of roll basket.

The mechanical gripper feeders come along with stand brackets, cam for attaching press and standard transmission. Lever is made available for releasing roller at the time of piloting. Models of higher capacity are available on request.

SKI Automation Pvt Ltd is committed to providing world class services.

  • All rotating parts are fitted with anti friction bearings to provide long life & reduce maintenance
  • The gripper are made out of carbide material long life
  • High speed up to 650 strokes / min
  • Roller cam for pilot release setting for precision adjustment of the fixed gripper
  • Silent and Trouble free operation
  • Micrometer pitch setting arrangement
  • Mechanically synchronization with the press avoiding feeding mismatch at high speed
  • Drive from the press crankshaft to the gripper is fitted with an overload safety coupling
  • Hardened gears providing in the right angle gear box for long life


Type Width (mm) Pitch (mm) Thickness (mm) Speed Max. S.P.M
SKI-W1 10-130 5-130 0.1-2.00 600
SKI-W2 10-210 5-210 0.1-2.00 500
SKI-W3 25-310 10-310 0.1-2.50 400
SKI-W4 24-410 10-410 0.1-2.50 300