Strip/coil Straightener

Strip Coil Straightener

SKI AUTOMATION PVT. LTD.  is committed to manufacturing of exclusive range of band rectifiers i.e. wire, coil and strip straightener. We deploy highest quality raw material supplied by bankable suppliers only for manufacturing all our products for we believe in ‘no compromise’ over quality we offer. We firmly believe that to lay the foundation of long term customer relationship, we ought to stick to unmatchable high quality end products.

Strip/coil straightener is utilized for removing curvature and/or kinks in the tape. They are also handy for flattening surface cut into parts and enabling automation in the press work. Moreover, we cover an exhaustive range of different styles and also offer customized services on demand to meet all your desired requirements.

Industrial Band smoothing is meant to be supported with rollers in needle bearing as well as different directional rollers in needle bearings only. They are very essential to ensure parallelism as well as the loop involved play an important role in automatically activating the motors. The stroke just takes a minute to advance.

The exhaustive range of Strip/coil straightener offered by SKI SKI Strip Coil StraightenerAUTOMATION PVT. LTD. comes handy when there is requirement for combine coil straightening modules in order to straighten stock to the press thus ensuring timely qualitative end products. SKI strip/coil straighteners are hardened, ground pinched and power driven rollers well supported with the help of needle bearings. They are also capable of unwinding the stock in one go in minimum time and at an efficient rate. These SKI strip/coil straighteners employ loop control automatic mechanism which monitors the on and off functioning of the motor without manual interruption. It also ensures that the required stock per minute is available in advance before it runs out of the stock.

We can enlist some of the salient features of Strip/ coil straightener here:

  • SKI strip/coil straighteners are especially designed for punching super thin products.
  • Its role is inevitable in production process as good quality product cannot be obtained from curved and stressed coil material.

The flattening adjusting adopts the floating four-point balancing equipment, which can  find the levelling point rapidly.